May 16, 2018

Expose kids to choose and enjoy!

      Children must be exposed to all the objects, places and activities in the environment. Let them explore all. They must know about them by your expression of appreciation about them. Then, they shall have interest, and choose the proper and the best one that they like among them. Such an exposure shall shape them, and lead them to make their future life pleasant and worthy.

May 14, 2018

Wish deeper to the heart to happen!

      Pray, wish or desire it to happen. It shall happen if you are really in need of it from the deepness of your heart (mind), if you do not have any other needs at that time, and do earnest activities towards it. Your wish will be answered and the miracle of its happening will be experienced in fast mode too, if you are at a younger age!  

May 12, 2018

What others expect of you?

    When you have attained maturity in life, youngsters expect your experience, guidance and your being pleasant with them. But they don't expect your advice, as they don't wish or need it. And they may feel uncomfortable/unpleasant about it! [But, in spite of it you can advise them once or twice, when it is of importance in the situation dealt with].

May 10, 2018

Punish and then console kids to set them right!

      If a child beats you unexpectedly, you react suddenly by beating it back. Then you realize and repent that you yourself were unfair to it. In that instant, even if you first punished the child, the other family members console, then advise and warn the child not to do that mischief or wrong thing once again. And they forgive the child at that instant itself, and the child stops crying. Thereafter you shall find the child not repeating that activity! 

May 8, 2018

Greatness of Him is not yet felt!

     Greatness is understood by people either by comparing or from others' narration about it. So, greatness can be either felt through one's own senses by comparing or through others' speech/words communicated by them. Children believe in speech/words rather than believing through their senses.  'God is great' - here people choose to hear the greatness of Him through others' words only! Does any one feel His greatness through his/her senses? We are still like children believing in words! We should begin to feel Him and His greatness through our inner senses by spirituality. 

May 6, 2018

De-addicting from the addicting hobby!

      Hobby is doing the desired work at one's leisure time. But if one is desirous to continue it even into his routine works time, it becomes an addiction to that hobby work. To dissuade from it, one should refuse it now to himself and postpone it to a later time or a later day. But on that very postponed time/day he must distract or divert himself to another routine work in a different place at a distance from that hobby-site. Next time if he gets again that desire, he must restrain himself again by diverting as before. Soon he will begin to feel the better aspects of not doing that addicting hobby that is done without any time consciousness. Then, even when he returns back to it later on, he will do it only in his leisure time! And he won't do it beyond any set limit; he shall restrict himself within his leisure time. And he shall have become then totally de-addicted from that addicting hobby!

May 4, 2018

Don't beat yourself!

      Retaliating with the members in your family will only bounce back to yourself as a rifle recoils itself back or as a boomerang returns back; this effect shall be realized later only. It is like beating on yourself thinking that the other person is a different one standing in front of you!

May 2, 2018

Quit conversing if otherwise!

     In conversation, we may go on hesitating to speak and may be also not attentive to listen to others. One of the persons you are conversing with may lie. Another one may have incomplete knowledge on the subject discussed and fill it with all his guess and inform it. So, we must converse when we ourselves are attentive and bold to express, and that too with those persons who have complete knowledge and who are also attentive and earnest. Otherwise, it is better not to converse at all on this subject and quit the group!

April 26, 2018

Be active yourself to make kids romp!

   Adults should do their activities with their full expression and emotion without suppressing them. Then, on seeing them, the kids shall respond similarly and shall repeat so in their adulthood too. This shall also make a good impression and congenial attitude in the minds of relatives and friends!

April 24, 2018

Using all your senses and experience!

       At young age, using all your senses you get and enjoy things you desire from the environment. Then, as you become aged, with all the experience you have gained in the life so far, you do the activities that interest you and others!

April 2, 2018

To be successful in any endeavour!

    If one can provide time, energy, money and effort to start and do his business/job/education, it will be worth of doing it. But if he also does that with some earlier planning for managing it all throughout it, he can complete and achieve it successfully!

March 27, 2018

Storing time for later use!

        We cannot save our time as saving our money in the bank. But you can divide and plan your time and allot yourself each unit of it to do your works and/to get the pleasures out of them. But you cannot preserve and save the present unused time and do the work in it later on. Once you are 'present' at this time of earthly hours, as others are present, you should either use it or pass through it wasted and unused. Thus you cannot stop it now and/to have it later on to use it! So, you shall have to 'have' your 'presence' with your total involvement, and that too with total awareness/consciousness in any work, that you might do within it. Here, you do the work feeling the passing away of time. Then only you shall have the memory of having used your valuable time usefully, without any regrets. By doing like this, you can also have all the benefits out of 'having the time of existence' in this world i.e. your life. Do not postpone work. Time doesn't have any future availing utility; use it wisely now itself!   

March 21, 2018

Staying child forever - in Image!

        We cannot stay as a child forever, even if you wish to be a child. With the food we eat, we change  - grow all the way through our ageing years. Even after our growth stops in our adult age, our shape goes on changing constantly. There are some slight alterations of our bones' shape either by dissolution or by addition of minerals. So, store an image (picture/photo) of yourself each day - to see the minute changes you and your body have made with the food you eat! You can see and compare your younger age photos and the recent photos to appreciate this. You may question now yourself and exclaim, 'Who is he!' or 'Am I he!'

February 16, 2018

Bliss is better than haappiness!

      Happiness is a temporary state of mind; later, it shall settle down and fade out in other day to day activities. But being in bliss means that the whole body, mind and the soul are in a joyful state that persists permanently; it shall be there on the background though varying in intensity at times - of sorrow or of happiness itself!

February 14, 2018

Valuing is the key before an activity!

       Valuing is there in all our actions without our knowing it. It arises out of either a desire or a need. But to do an action, one should value it wisely and properly. An action may be 'less important' or 'important' or 'the most important' for him at a given situation. He can value one and do it as it presents itself. But consider a situation when many actions are intended to be done and thus all of  them present themselves at the same time. Here he should first value them all and select one that he finds valuable, wise and important to him and then do it. After doing it, he can proceed to do the next one that he finds and feels important and good for him.