June 28, 2017

Limiting extends your time on Earth!

         In your life, know your limits (in everything). Limiting yourself within these limits extends your lifetime in the later years of your life. And it also makes you healthier, and your life more enjoyable! Take this in principle and make this your way of life at least in your middle age of life. Then you won't regret in your old age; but you shall feel happy then on having prevented wasting your energy and time limitless and saved them - for extending your lifetime!

June 23, 2017

Feel and check YOUR presence!

     Impulsive activities may be either good or bad. An impulse in mind is generated instantly and spontaneously, but unexpectedly, against the known character, nature and personality of the person concerned. The bad impulse arising in him is the devil. Unless the person is aware of it, and is in guard, he will not be able to control or prevent it before it emerges out as a bad activity. Do yoga to make yourself sharp, fully aware, alert and awake at all time and feel your presence as you are as such - to control these impulses!

June 20, 2017

Live with a live body!

    Thoughts about one's own death makes him live the present life with a dead body! By this way, don't set your target as your death, and accelerate towards it to waste your existing life. Live with what you have at present and enjoy life each minute, day, month and year. Thus, do not imagine a dead body of you by your such thinking and make your own body dead - for living with it, a dead body!

June 5, 2017

Get the mood by giving up these!

    Have the hope and faith in others' activities and stop suspecting; now you get your state of mind - the mood to enjoy the current happiness. Here, at present, you shall have to forget about the past activities of the wrong-doers. And you should not doubt any more or suspect anything in them - all these in your mind! Then, you get all the pleasures of the day in all its total nature!

May 16, 2017

Don't do all!

     Yes, don't do all at a time, but do one at a time. If you have too many activities to do, postpone the unimportant works to a later time or delegate them to a trustworthy person. Then you shall be the happiest one who doesn't exert too much, maintaining health, and who saves time to invest in refreshing leisure activities!

March 26, 2017

You are here to maintain your body!

    Your body doesn't belong to you! Neither you are the owner of it! Out of their happiness, your parents gave the body to you to be happy. But you should maintain it and give care to it that it remains healthier always. Moreover, your body's appearance should be made more suitable and charming to move around within the society of your human race. This is to be done by beautifying it with some additions or by taking out something externally to be in harmony with the current fashion. Thus you make both our body and its external appearance pleasant and acceptable to the society - to have the most social benefits out of it! So, don't overlook your body's needs and social needs. Treat your body as a temple!

March 23, 2017

Have your children attached with you!

      Children wish and need attention, love and care. If you have these with you and shower them towards your children, it is sure that they become attached with you ever!

January 25, 2017

More and more! What is it?

      If your wealth through your job is sufficient for your living and satisfaction, why should you desire for more? If you achieve this 'more' status, then even after this why should you expect for that 'more and more'? Even worse will be your condition when you expect beyond this 'more and more' and become crazy in it! So, be satisfied with what you have now, or at least set a level for this 'more' and limit yourself within it and live a peaceful life after achieving it!

January 11, 2017

Simply what I means?

      The 'I' is the 'state' we (you or myself) feel and remember!

January 9, 2017

Enjoy in good mood!

       Be clean in body and clear in mind to have a good mood, and enjoy life. And have satisfaction unto the soul!

December 31, 2016

Move like a toothed wheel to get benefits!

         The social family system, in which a person lives in, is so designed that there are only overall benefits and advantages out of it for him or her. That too needs adjusting with one another, giving up certain things, and also demanding and getting certain things. So, though a person feels disgusted with his/her present family system, overall, he/she will find it out to be the most advantageous, a safer and the best one to be present. So, a person in a social family system must be like a toothed wheel to move with the other toothed wheel (spouse) smoothly - to run the entire life machine easily and smoothly!

December 25, 2016

Helping too much lands you in trouble!

       You can win others if you find their needs, their preferences and offer them. And you can even correct their mistakes, and also offer them timely help. But too much indulgence in it may breed envy and make them reject your offers; beware of this!

December 8, 2016

Expect with a happy mood, and enjoy!

      In any function, event or activity, there will be enthusiasm and satisfaction only when a pleasant expectation of it is induced in all its participants - that too well before the start of the function. In addition to that, that function should be carried out by all smoothly with involvement, with ease, with freed mind, with a happy mood, and without any inhibition too. Then the satisfaction will be felt by all the participants even before the ending of the function, and also after the function is over, long lasting - without any feeling of lost enjoyment!

December 6, 2016

Advice on advising others!

        Unlike giving succour at difficult situations, others may or may not accept either our voluntary suggestion or advice in any matter. They may dislike or reject them hurting us. But when they seek us, and ask us, we can give advice; but with that they may not get satisfied. So, do advise them in such a situation, but only when you know their ulterior motive for such approach; otherwise, be cautious, on guard and don't indulge too much in it: advise only - that too lightly!

October 29, 2016

Compare/match always to get awareness!

           Feeling, understanding and memory - all these constitute awareness in a human being. There are two kinds of awareness - one internal, concerning both the body and mind and the other one, external, concerning the environment. These two types of awareness are done and hence present at that moment by comparing and matching the differences found between the past state of the mind & body or the environment and the present state of them respectively. They are constantly revised and updated from moment to moment. In old age, such comparing the differences is done between the past state of the mind & body and the present state of the environment. It is also done between the present state of the mind & body and the past state of the environment (- as seen in the yogis doing yoga who feel better in the present state of body & mind, and hence they become aware of it!). When the person dies, these all awareness too go off as he/she!