October 16, 2017

Place it back to get appreciated!

      If you pick an object for using, you also remember the place from where you took it. You should discipline yourself to replace it back to its place. Then, you can pick it up quickly later when it is needed. This shall also exercise your memory power. In addition to this, if you arrange all the objects in the room neatly and in order, others will like the arrangement subconsciously and appreciate you with a smiling face!

October 14, 2017

Pick better tools to express yourself!

    Words are the tools of expression and communication for making others understand our thoughts, feelings and opinion. First we must have our views clear before expressing; then we must choose all the best words for that. With them, we should speak clearly or write legibly (type correctly). But be careful not to express with a few words in a hurry, as they may convey different message and understanding in the recipient. Use enough words that are simpler and understandable without any guessing work at the recipient's end!

October 11, 2017

Be active to cheer up parents!

   Parents would like their kids to be active, play (or work), eat and enjoy life. Do not make them sorrowful by your inactivity, despair or laziness; cheer up them - to get their advice, from which you can get the hope, and work for your bright future! 

October 5, 2017

Storing money is of no use!

          If you have the money and facilities, use them. Do not save, hoard or store them in the name of safety. Having money is only a potential to enjoy life using it. First, you shall have to tune up your health to its best with the money earned, and then enjoy with the money earned. And as you earn, you should also maintain your health and that of your family members, side by side; there should be no impairment to your health by your work too. Then, you can be satisfied about enjoying the money you earned - this is the ultimate purpose of working in a job.

September 26, 2017

Add new capabilities to retain present capabilities!

    Capabilities are added to a person by learning and doing related works. These entitle one to get his/her jobs. But these tend to lessen with the increasing age. If the person adds on new capabilities to himself, as he ages on, within the limit of his body, mind and senses, he can retain his capabilities in his present job!

September 24, 2017

Be alert in accepting external energies!

   Be careful in accepting energies that come from other sources - other than you generate within you with the food you have eaten. They may injure your body, mind and senses badly either by their action, presence in abundance or in excessive intensity! Examples of them are,

1. Power from transporting vehicle - while you have only your walking power.
2. Sound and vibration energies that hit both the ears and the body.
3. Light energy that hits the eyes in all its spectrum.
4. Heat energy that affects you either by its high or low intensities.
5. Other energies such as influencing extrasensory energies felt by extraordinary persons.

August 26, 2017

Fighting for fearless freedom in any space!

          Space where one can live with freedom, and without any fear, is the one that is most sought after in this world, and in the Universe. If there is any restriction for these two, there will be always attempts to restore them back - at least to a minimum level. 

August 11, 2017

Reactivate into your activities!

        When you are dull, you will be idle and be feeling bored. But when you see activities around you, you get stimulated into activity. So, prefer to be social, living with others, instead of being all alone (to) yourself - to make your life active and interesting!

July 25, 2017

Feel & verify your presence!

Feel yourself after saying these within yourself:
" I do exist. I do think. And I do activities I like"
If you can feel and verify all these in you and with you, then you can be sure of your presence in this world! Being aware of these and your presence here as you are, shall make you enjoy the life to the most!

July 10, 2017

The mood to enjoy!

    Between body and mind, the memory by being within the body and the thoughts by being within the mind, both interact to produce the mood to enjoy the day's life activities.

June 28, 2017

Limiting extends your time on Earth!

         In your life, know your limits (in everything). Limiting yourself within these limits extends your lifetime in the later years of your life. And it also makes you healthier, and your life more enjoyable! Take this in principle and make this your way of life at least in your middle age of life. Then you won't regret in your old age; but you shall feel happy then on having prevented wasting your energy and time limitless and saved them - for extending your lifetime!

June 23, 2017

Feel and check YOUR presence!

     Impulsive activities may be either good or bad. An impulse in mind is generated instantly and spontaneously, but unexpectedly, against the known character, nature and personality of the person concerned. The bad impulse arising in him is the devil. Unless the person is aware of it, and is in guard, he will not be able to control or prevent it before it emerges out as a bad activity. Do yoga to make yourself sharp, fully aware, alert and awake at all time and feel your presence as you are as such - to control these impulses!

June 20, 2017

Live with a live body!

    Thoughts about one's own death makes him live the present life with a dead body! By this way, don't set your target as your death, and accelerate towards it to waste your existing life. Live with what you have at present and enjoy life each minute, day, month and year. Thus, do not imagine a dead body of you by your such thinking and make your own body dead - for living with it, a dead body!

June 5, 2017

Get the mood by giving up these!

    Have the hope and faith in others' activities and stop suspecting; now you get your state of mind - the mood to enjoy the current happiness. Here, at present, you shall have to forget about the past activities of the wrong-doers. And you should not doubt any more or suspect anything in them - all these in your mind! Then, you get all the pleasures of the day in all its total nature!

May 16, 2017

Don't do all!

     Yes, don't do all at a time, but do one at a time. If you have too many activities to do, postpone the unimportant works to a later time or delegate them to a trustworthy person. Then you shall be the happiest one who doesn't exert too much, maintaining health, and who saves time to invest in refreshing leisure activities!