March 21, 2018

Staying child forever - in Image!

        We cannot stay as a child forever, even if you wish to be a child. With the food we eat, we change  - grow all the way through our ageing years. Even after our growth stops in our adult age, our shape goes on changing constantly. There are some slight alterations of our bones' shape either by dissolution or by addition of minerals. So, store an image (picture/photo) of yourself each day - to see the minute changes you and your body have made with the food you eat! You can see and compare your younger age photos and the recent photos to appreciate this. You may question now yourself and exclaim, 'Who is he!' or 'Am I he!'

February 16, 2018

Bliss is better than haappiness!

      Happiness is a temporary state of mind; later, it shall settle down and fade out in other day to day activities. But being in bliss means that the whole body, mind and the soul are in a joyful state that persists permanently; it shall be there on the background though varying in intensity at times - of sorrow or of happiness itself!

February 14, 2018

Valuing is the key before an activity!

       Valuing is there in all our actions without our knowing it. It arises out of either a desire or a need. But to do an action, one should value it wisely and properly. An action may be 'less important' or 'important' or 'the most important' for him at a given situation. He can value one and do it as it presents itself. But consider a situation when many actions are intended to be done and thus all of  them present themselves at the same time. Here he should first value them all and select one that he finds valuable, wise and important to him and then do it. After doing it, he can proceed to do the next one that he finds and feels important and good for him.

February 1, 2018

Share your enjoyment with kids!

    Create for children situations to enjoy every activity; create an environment for them to make the place enjoyable. Guide them and communicate with them to experience and enjoy every activity with wonder and enthusiasm. Involve yourself also in their activities, enjoying, and making them to have a share from your enjoyment that they will remember for lifetime.
      Even a little enjoyment, that we consider as less important one, will be a greater one to children; it will be like one of our enjoyment that we feel now and think as a great one to have in our lifetime!
      So, make life enjoyable in each activity of children so that their later life shall also be enjoyed by them pleasantly, even when we are away from them.

January 27, 2018

Avoid hastiness by forethought!

       One can have forethought to avoid hastiness and its bad outcome. An example for this is here. While boarding a train, passenger's all mental burdens urge and make him to rush; but this hastiness may lead him to trouble - to injure his body that shall delay him to resume back to his routine life or it may risk his life.
         So, in any activity to make it successful, one has to plan beforehand with forethought - at least for a few minutes well before executing it. And he has to arrive at the place of activity well before the accepted time too.
        In continuing the above example, one should plan time and things well beforehand, reach the train station platform before the stipulated time of train departure. Then only he can have a calm and clear but alert mind before boarding the train. And he shall then board the train with ease and without hastiness. And thus he can avoid injury and be safe to enter into the train - with the pleasing expectation of going to get travelling comfort!

January 25, 2018

Don't demand more and more of pleasure!

      Like light and darkness repeat and like day and night repeat, our birth and death may repeat. Here in this world we get thus form, body and mind, and then give them back each time. But, we get only pain or pleasure on our each passing through our lifetime in this Earth.
      Our all experiences in each of these lifetimes are also forgotten with it. Thus, feeling of pain or pleasure is the only thing we have as our own now. So, with the pleasure that we get we must be satisfied and be content. With the pain, we must strive our hard to get rid of it, and move towards pleasure, and then get satisfied after getting it.
      Probably, seeking for more and more of pleasure or for more and more pleasure after the relief from pain may be the reason for our repeated rebirths in this Earth!

January 22, 2018

Find and adopt accepted ways to prosper!

      When a person gains experience in life with the ageing on, he can be sure of finding ways easily to thrive and lead his best life. But these ways should be adopted and managed in the society-accepted correct and proper manner only, and that too done at correct and proper time.      

January 1, 2018

We divide lifetime into years to become lazy!

     We divide all and everything and put a limit for our common activities, convenience and comfort. By dividing and counting years too, we feel safe, comfortable, satisfied and easy; then with it we become lazy! But all of us have only one type of allotted 'year' or period - our lifetime that too is an inconsistent, unknown and varying period. The only real and constant fact is that all of us are existing at this contemporary time - all are living together at this time (of reading)! By being aware of these (better earlier in younger age itself), each one of us shall understand its reality and be active at all this 'existing time' to have a comfortable, satisfied, easier and enjoyable life!

December 21, 2017

Use all senses in a balanced manner!

     Using of all senses should be in balance with each other of them. If we use only one of the senses intensively, then the other senses shall also be activated ready to act, though they are not intended for any action at that instant. But, if they remain unused thus, repeatedly, then there may be some imbalance created; these idle senses may respond for this with some disturbed or distorted perception through them even when they are not yet used! So, use all your senses equally to keep them all function healthily.

December 2, 2017

Discipline repels away disasters!

        Discipline in all respects, makes even natural disasters to go deviated away from us without harming us! Nature and environment, where we live in, shall adjust with all of our disciplined activities. But when we do these activities in excess, the nature and the environment may not be able to adjust so quickly. So, all of us should do activities in a disciplined manner that too not in excess than required. Then, the human society can live longer in this planet, the Earth.

November 23, 2017

Be active and try again to get the expected!

    God doesn't grant the expected things easily. It is only to stimulate one to expect it again without giving it up and to exert more for it further. So, don't be disappointed with your failed attempt; don't lose hope and be in a gloom of despair. Be active and do your might with perseverance to get the expected thing ultimately.

November 21, 2017

Relieving yourself of stress and strain!

      Stress and strain to the body can be reduced by either stopping them instantly or by getting away from their source/place and then getting enough sleep at a comfortable and congenial place. But mental stress and strain will be relieved only by moving out of the source first, doing then meditation in a calm, congenial and peaceful place with shutting down all the five senses and next taking complete rest there with a relaxed mind. Then, one can also attend a public place, where entertaining shows or religious discourses are conducted - to get a complete relief from this stress and strain.

November 16, 2017

Learn the nature to tackle the situation!

      First observe timing and response to an activity in a person or an object to learn about the nature. And then react accordingly in a wise way for tackling the situation.

October 16, 2017

Place it back to get appreciated!

      If you pick an object for using, you also remember the place from where you took it. You should discipline yourself to replace it back to its place. Then, you can pick it up quickly later when it is needed. This shall also exercise your memory power. In addition to this, if you arrange all the objects in the room neatly and in order, others will like the arrangement subconsciously and appreciate you with a smiling face!

October 14, 2017

Pick better tools to express yourself!

    Words are the tools of expression and communication for making others understand our thoughts, feelings and opinion. First we must have our views clear before expressing; then we must choose all the best words for that. With them, we should speak clearly or write legibly (type correctly). But be careful not to express with a few words in a hurry, as they may convey different message and understanding in the recipient. Use enough words that are simpler and understandable without any guessing work at the recipient's end!